We break, we ache

Yet, we still remain.

We scream, we weep

Yet no help received.

How insolent of this world

To drive us out of our hub.

From being the sanctuary for the world,

We’ve become a threat to the world.

This is what Afghanistan has actually become!


Bushfires, earthquakes, storms, floods and Covid-19. What haven’t we endured in 2020?

2020 hasn’t been an easy year. Every country, city and person has faced hardships. But with all these hardships we learnt some life’s greatest lessons which we wouldn’t have understood in any other way.

We learnt that the…

What to watch? What not to watch? These are the basic questions that would be rising in our minds this whole festive Christmas Eve.

Christmas is the time we all love spending with our families. The entire evenings when we eat, drink and play together we make memories. Memories that…

An exact autumn night. Raining and leaves falling. Many people find this gloomy and depressing as they think that everything is coming to an end. The fact that weather and things in surroundings are changing saddens them. But what they don’t realize is that it’s quite the opposite actually. What…

The crispy brown leaves, the aroma of apples in the air, the orange sky and the warm sunshine that wakes you up on a gloomy day. Get ready because ‘Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness’ (-Keats) has arrived with the same zeal and zest!

Soft breeze brushing our hair firmly…

Rafia K Wadud

Student and blogger. Writter at blogspot.com, to view more blogs of mine, please visit dailywithrkw.blogspot.com

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